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My curcoL….

13 Maret 2009

Today I went to BNI with my mother…
We planned to move all of her money to my saving account…
We left home at 2 over 15 pm and arrived in BNI at 2 over 30 pm. I inferred that my mother shall angry with me about that situation. I was late. And my guess was proved.

We talked to the customer service. My mother told that she wants 2 move all of her money to my saving account, but after that, she wants also take some cash money nine million rupias. So ya the customer servise explained that:

“Oke mam, now, here is the money transference from. With this form you can transfer your money in your saving account to your daughter saving account. And if you want to take your cash money then, so please fill this money witdrawl form”

We moved from the CS to the filling boxes. I filled the transference form like the CS said to us before. But my mother showed her peeve face immediately . She peeved to me. She said that she doesn’t understand how to do a transaction if I use that form. She said that “I never use that form, and I don’t understand!? So…U must fill money witdrawl form!? Take all of my money and after that, u must fill deposit form and save again a third of that (money), and I will take the rest, nine million rupias, CASH!?”

I gave many explanations to her. I explained that if she used the transference form, it would be easier to make a transaction, but she didn’t believe me. She was angry with me and forced me to still filled what her wants.

So ya… I tought that I can’t served her in that place and I can’t mad with her. She is my mother. So with a perforce I filled those from and we went to the teller to make a transaction. But, secretly, I still brought my transference form which I filled before.

I devolved my form to the teller, I told her about my purposed, but my mother insisted me immediately. She explained what she wants to the teller. You know… I felt sooo BAD!? BORED… We’ve made a little commotion there. But, Thank God, the teller understand what my mother means and she explained to my mother that it was better if she used the transference form like I did before.

So yaaa… My mother still my mama. She didn’t feel anything to me. She said that, Oups… Sorry, I don’t understand!?Boleh deh mba…pake itu aja…abis saya gak ngerti sih… hehehe…”


If I able to declare my OPINION…

I just wanna say….

Sometimes I fill that I bored with my mother but she is my mother and I really LOVE her…
I LOVE her sooo Much…

So?? What should I do?
except PATIENT??

3 Tanggapan to “My curcoL….”

  1. ibuku termasuk tipe orang yang suka keras kepala, dia mau nerima ucapan orang yang bertitel aja atau yang punya jabatan. seperti dokter, ustadz, polisi, perawat, dll. so harus sabar deh, walo bagaimanapun, bakti kita pada ibu gak akan terbalaskan, karena saking dahsyatnya kasih sayang ibu! kasihnya ibu… tulus sejati…. seperti Rasul…. taatnya pada… Ilahi….. ikhlas…. suci kekal a… badi… kasih yang tak dapat di tukar janji……

  2. Aboutnya minta amplof… sangat jelas sekali mbak, pakai bahasa planet lagi. Yah, jadinya salam kenyal yah, dari perawan bin pemula nih. 🙄 Salam hangat selalu.

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